So how do we get our shoes from one corner of the globe to another? How do we make sure the right styles are in the right place - and at the right time? Thanks to our Supply Chain team, around 50 million pairs of our shoes reach the right destination every year - across markets worldwide. For Europe & Asia Pacific that works out to be over 500,000 a week, with over 100 lorries carrying our product to customers a week.

Our main fully-automated, high-tech distribution centre is based in Street, Somerset. It opened for operations in 2005, and is now home to the majority of our 450-strong Supply Chain team. It works around the clock, converting factory orders into customer shipments. We also have teams at our Outlet Shopping Distribution Centre in Kendal, plus distribution centre operations in Spain, Malaysia and the USA.

As you can imagine, getting the right shoes to the right store is quite a logistical challenge. Especially when you consider that we have a number of different sales channels, from online sales to our retail stores to factory shopping outlets. Fortunately, this is a team that loves a challenge - and the bigger, the better.

Can we do things smoother, faster, more efficiently? We’re always working on our processes so that we provide even better levels of service, delivery performance and in-store product availability. We’ve launched an in-house home delivery service. And we’re moving onto a single global system that’ll streamline supply chain and logistics. Just some examples of our innovative approach to logistics.

Step in

Big, exciting things are happening here at Clarks. Join us in one of our distribution centres and be part of them.

Operations Manager

It’s the job of the Operations Manager to make sure that the vital link-in-the chain, the distribution part of our business, is structured and resourced in the right way, and plays its part in the overall picture efficiently and effectively. You’ll have lots of different relationships to manage, internally and externally, in the UK and overseas.

Your team includes Shift Managers who look after the distribution centre day and night. They make sure that all our operational targets are met - or that we go beyond the number of pairs we despatch. There’s also a small number of Senior Front Line Managers. They’re on hand to step in for Shift Managers when necessary.

Frontline Manager

The Frontline Manager is responsible for a whole shift in the distribution centre. It’s up to you to make sure that products are coming into and going out of the site as planned, that the right people are in the right place at the right time, and that downtime is minimised. It also means managing and motivating all the members of the team on the shift, so that they’re performing at their best.

You’ve got to be quick to react in this job. Schedules can - and do - change at a moment’s notice and thinking on your feet is a necessity. You’ll need to let teams know of any changes and encourage them to get things moving, when they need to move.

You’ll also recruit and develop Team Leaders and the rest of their team. You’ll also have lots of contact with other key departments in the distribution centre, including the Control Room team, Human Resources and the Senior Operations Managers.

Team Leader

Our Team Leaders supervise the work of a team of Distribution Centre Operatives, making sure that the workload allocated to their area is completed on time - and that it’s always of a high quality. You’ll make sure that members of your team have everything they need to do the job, and that they’re in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step up to cover for a member of the management team, so it’s a great development role if you’re looking to climb up the Clarks career ladder.

Distribution Centre Operative

Our distribution centres are wonders of state-of-the-art technology and automation. But they’d come to a grinding halt if it wasn’t for the people working in them. Our Distribution Centre (DC) Operatives take care of any one of a number of jobs in this busy hub.

You’ll turn your hand to stock in-take, picking, packing, sorting and despatch - what you do changes on a daily basis. But whatever the task at hand, your job is vital to getting our products into our distribution centre from suppliers and back out again to our stores and customers across the world. And all with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency, helping to keep the entire distribution centre operation running super-smoothly.

Because the operation’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there’s a shift system in place, with a number of different working patterns on offer.

Get On

Enjoy a rewarding, developing career in an exciting and dynamic global business.

Where to start? Rewarding, enjoyable work. Exciting career prospects. Training and development that comes in all shapes and sizes. And it's all because we listen to our people. We've taken the time to find out what they want from their work and the sort of benefits that make a real difference to them, personally and professionally.

Your range of benefits also depends on the country you're in. But wherever you are in the world, one thing's certain: all our benefits are linked to our ethos of caring about our people and focusing on what they need. That's just the way we do things at Clarks.

Depending on your role, you could enjoy benefits such as healthcare and a company car or car allowance.

  • A competitive package
  • Industry benchmarked reward package
  • Clarks discount scheme
  • Flexible pension scheme
  • Generous life cover
  • On-site canteen

Star Makers

Passionate, enthusiastic, super-helpful: everything we love and everything we look for in people.

We're moving into new markets, attracting new customers with some fantastic new products. It's safe to say there's a lot going on and a lot still to be done. That's why we're so passionate about your career development and growth. We'll encourage you to develop personally and professionally, and we'll give you all the tools you need to build on your existing skills and gain new ones.

  • A comprehensive induction programme to give you all the job-related training you need
  • An impressive range of self-learning guides, material and solutions that's geared to your development
  • Workshops, online courses, leadership articles, an extensive library and toolkits focused on our core competencies
  • Performance Development Reviews with your manager
  • Our Talent Management programme, designed to develop managers with the potential to play a big part in the company's future

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